Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goin Postal

Well, ummm my first blog.
 Actually this isn't my first blogging but my previous experience was in a gaming community (link) so it was limited a bit. My commenting policy is pretty much simple as we now everything has its limits and same goes to commenting so: 
  1. I WILL delete stupid comments (like: LOL RED HEAD MIND)
  2. No racist or religious talks
  3. Try to be fair and friendly
  4. Keep in mind i am still an newbie in this and all professionals were once newbies so dont push me.
  5. Express your ideas or comments as you want
  6. Try not to abuse any of these policies
These policies will be updated on regular basis.

My bloggings are related to Tech stuff and sometimes news extracted from sites so any IPs and registered trademarks apply.

First my latest update is being an ambassador to a brand new experience in the Arab world which is covered by various panels related to tech stuff and web based content etc. It was a bad thing that i wasnt able to be there but watched some of it online (via Ustream) and it was pretty much awesome. Here is the website for it to read more about :LINK


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