Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lebanese ADSL as of 15 of October, 2011

ADSL Report: My Central is Bir Hasan and ISP is IDM. All i did was monitor my connection quality over the past week.

First my original connection plan is the 512k which should become 2M Plan from IDM but didnt, yet. My current speeds are 1 Mbps downloads and 256 Kbps upload. Latency to Most European servers is nothing more than 120ms maximum, in the United States it depends on the State if it is on the Eastern Seaboard(better) or not(worse). Note that sometimes when testing the inner States the latency is ~200ms.

Now the headaches, outages.....packet losses and other "BS".
The periods which I experience bad internet quality are usually from 2pm till 4pm and 10pm till 12:30am. During those times browsing is a real pain when you experience packets losses AND latency back to the regular 450ms i used to experiences before the 1st of October "upgrades". On top of all of this the download speed ONLY becomes 512 Kbps.

In Conclusion let’s forget about the political problems and technical problems in this whole Internet Revolution in this country, and only focus on "What am i getting after i pay my monthly fee for the Private/Public Owned ISP?". I can say there is a "game" in all of this, all telecom ministers did a great job so that we can reach this point from a war plagued country. But you cant keep this "revolution" if all the لجنة الاتصالات which is usually appointed by the Parliament, is filled with "politicians" who dont even know what 3G or ADSL is. What i mean is, not to appoint engineers but at least people who are technologists, technology enthusiasts......

You may like or dislike what i posted but i am expressing my opinion about the current situation, please do the same by commenting to my post.

"Note to political loyalists: Please refrain from defending or attacking my post just because it supports/attacks your political party's opinion about the Telecom situation or decisions taken by the current government."

Kareem Nasser.....Out...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Start The Revolution By Sarcasm!

As my profile says I live in Lebanon a beautiful country on the Mediterranean Sea. If you check its history, you will notice that it was mostly and for many years, been an occupied country.

Many say that our origins are Phoenicians, well that is partially true. Now after being occupied as part of the Ottoman Empire for 400 years and even during that time Lebanon wasn't an actual country. Later being mandate by the French who dedicated 10452 km^2, to an independent state called "greater Lebanon". The French occupation (mandate) lasted 26 years.

After that we had total stability in our country for the coming years, then Lebanon was labeled as the Switzerland of the East, till the consecutive wars which plagued the lands starting from 1975.

Yet we claim that we are Phoenicians?! Through the Ottoman Empire we gained the Turkish traits, traditions, daily life, culture, and cross breed with them etc. They taught us what we now called habel babel, basically a new way to smoke various types of tobacco.  Oh did I mention that along with the Turks came the Kurd who became Lebanese citizens fast enough to reach the government.
You might think i forgot the I didn't. Being kicked out of Turkey actually they were butchered and raped. Again they blended in the Lebanese community being citizens too but maintaining their own language and having some support from Europe.

Till now, you think there is a pure Phoenician race?

To conclude, I have a list of 6 sentences that describe the Lebanese Society:
1.     We own any Consumer Electronic then it should be implied that we know everything about ICT.
2.     18 different sects is something special!!!! Well you can find even more sects and races in USA, UK and Sweden for example.
3.     Collectively bound by what others think about us.
4.     The collective consciousness chooses what we eat, drink, wear and even play.
5.     We are open minded yet we must know the religion, birth place...etc. Of someone we want to befriend.
6.     Global Rule: A man creates and designs a car. In Lebanon it becomes: A car creates and designs a man.