Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Final Project for Sony's 3DTVs(Marketing)

             I.      Introduction:

  Sony has always been known as a brand which delivers the best quality for the best prices so now they are proud to announce the release of 3DTVs in the coming summer 2010 to coincide with the FIFA2010. So in the following project we will discuss how we will advertise Sony’s 3DTVs to achieve proper marketing covering various strategies it will implement and as well as its weaknesses and strengths in a quiet jammed consumer electronics market.


3D imaging dates to the beginning of photography. In 1844, Scottish inventor and writer David Brewster introduced the Stereoscope, a device that could take photographic pictures in 3D. It was then improved by Louis Jules Duboscq and a famous picture of Queen Victoria was displayed at The Great Exhibition in 1851. By the Second World War, stereoscopic (3D) cameras for personal use were already fairly common.
3D movie development was parallel to that of 3D pictures and images. Already in 1855 the Kinematoscope was invented, i.e., the Stereo Animation Camera. The first anaglyph movie was produced in 1915 and in 1922 the first public 3D movie was displayed - The Power of Love. In 1935 the first 3D color movie was produced.
In the fifties, when TV became popular in the United States, many 3D movies were produced. The first such movie was Bwana Devil from United Artists that could be seen all across the US in 1952. One year later, in 1953, came the 3D movie House of Wax which also featured 2D sound. Alfred Hitchcock originally made his film Dial M for Murder in 3D, but for the purpose of maximizing profits the movie was released in 2D because not all cinemas were able to display 3D films. The Soviet Union also developed 3D films, with Robinson Crusoe being their first full-length movie in 1947.
Subsequently, television stations started airing 3D serials based on the same technology as 3D movies.

          II.      Body:

A.   4P’s: 

1-Product: our product is a 3D TV under Sony brand name, this 3D TV is more then a simple TV it go beyond the limits to fulfill all the potential desire of any kind of customer with various ages it come with a glasses to be able to watch in the 3D mode. Some of the multiple features that come with our 3D TV are WIFI, ability to open twitter and Facebook via applications, watch in 3D and 2D mode.

2-Price: since 3D TV is considered as a high luxurious  product that mean not all people could afford to buy one in the moment so at the beginning we are mainly targeting the people with high purchasing power. In Lebanon the price could vary from 1800$ till 8000$ it all depend on the feature and size of the 3D TV you are buying. So we are offering the right price for the right product. Sony has revealed pricing and shipping information for its new televisions and related accessories in Japan. The new sets share that sweet/ominous monolithic style of the already available NX800 series with the edge-lit LED LX900 bringing the entire 3D package. With IR emitter built in and two pairs of RealD active shutter glasses, all you'll need to add is a source to the 60-, 51-, 46- and 40-inch models, ranging in price from ¥580,000 ($6,444) to ¥290,000 ($3,222.) Even if the TDG-BR100 / TDG-BR50 3D glasses (also available as an accessory for ¥12,000 ($133) or so) aren't on your face this WiFi-connected abyss of entertainment will look back into you, using face tracking to detect if someone is sitting too close and warn them to move back, as well as dimming and eventually turning off the screen if you leave the room or simply looked away from the TV for an extended period.

3-Place: We intend to place our product in some of the best retail stores in Lebanon who have the enough knowledge and experience to promote and sell our product the potential customers in Lebanon like Khoury Home, Abed Tahan, Houkayem and TLC. In general through our Wholesaler (Alliance Electronics) we will place our product in major retailers due to its weak popularity among people and when we position it then we can release it elsewhere.

4-Promotion: For the promotion we as Sony Corporation are making a lot of advertising over TV and in show rooms to present our product live to our customer, and allow them to try it on spot to let them feel the experience and enjoy it. We will also put advertisement on board and we will be sponsor of some big event to focus the eye of the world on our luxurious product. Currently our promotion is underway via the TV on various Lebanese well known channels.

B. Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning:

1- Segmentation: In order to target the best consumer in the market we will follow 2 segmentation strategies:

a- Demographic segmentation Where we will segment the market based on the age that we will target and it will range from 5 years till 50 years and based on the income and purchasing where our target market should posses a high income ranging from 20000$ and higher yearly to be able to buy our product.

b- Psychographic segmentation: Where we will divide the market according to their life style and prestige and we will try to make our image and brand name affect their decision to buy our 3D TV.

2- Targeting: After we evaluated our chosen segment we decided to target the high tech people, people with high purchasing power and off course our loyal customer who are looking for our brand name and high quality services.

3- Positioning: We will position our high value product in the mind of our actual and potential customer through our slogan make.believe and that means that we believe in what we invent and that will make our customer believe in us!

C.   Macro-environment: are the social forces that affect our product ability to serve our customers.

Demographic: our product is intended to serve all kind of population age from the youngest by providing them entertainment watching cartoon in new dimension (3D) to the older by letting them experience the revolutionary way of playing PS3 games in 3D mode and to the oldest by letting them using the TV as an internet platform where they can check there messages using facebook and twitter application.

Economical: Lebanon is known for its instability on the economical scale but this instability did not stopped our loyal customers with high purchasing power to come and buy our high tech innovative product with supreme quality.

Technological: Lebanese people are known in their high knowledge in the technological field and that will make us work harder to provide them with the best in the market to keep our strong and high image among our loyal customers.

D.   Micro-environments: are all the close factors to our product that affect its ability to serve our potential customer.

1- The company: our company is the best example for good communication and coordination between our different departments and we have a high qualified experienced staff to get closer to our actual and potential consumer to make them satisfied and loyal.

2- Suppliers: we are the only provider of Sony brand name in Lebanon so we can assure a fast delivery of our products without having any delays or problem in shipping mode.

3- Marketing intermediaries: we are going to get the help of some of the well known reseller shops in Lebanon to help us reaching our customers in their homes and their cities and we will get the help of banks known with high reputation to provide facilities to customers in their payment that way we can reach a larger target market.

4- Customers: we will have 3 types of customers in Lebanon the consumers market which are tech customers and people with high purchasing power who are willing to buy the product for their own consumption and we have the reseller market like abed Tahan, khoury home, TSC and other well known reseller shops, and the customers that will buy the product to put them in their restaurants, café and other entertainments places and that could give us an indirect free promotion for our product

5- Competitors: as we know Sony is not the only company in the world who provide high tech product. Our main competitors in 3D TV are Samsung and Toshiba but we are willing to overcome them with our reputation, experience, brand name, image and our high featured quality 3D TV which will overcome all its competitors.

E.   SWOT Analysis:

1- Strength: One of the main strengths is the name that we have in our market in Lebanon and covered by our PlayStation brand will surely deserve their trust. The most powerful weapons we own are the PlayStation brand and its future 3D capabilities as well as being the official sponsors of the FIFA world cup 2010 and delivering 3D broadcasting exclusively for the FIFA from our top-notch hardware. Also 3DTVs will have special Twitter and Facebook application integrated to them so that you can access your accounts easily considering the high number of Facebook users in Lebanon.

2- Threats: The current main competitors are LG and Samsung which we will battle through our name and image, bundles and features while leaving the after sale services to our retailers in Lebanon. But this doesn’t mean we will neglect their position in the market because we think such market is OK with 3 main consumer electronics companies driving its TV industry.
Just to note that given the news that there might be a war in Lebanon but this will be in certain areas only so it won’t damage or act as a direct threat to us.

3- Opportunities: In the Arab world we have 500k PS3 unites using PlayStation Network, and in summer we will release a system software update which will enable gamers to enjoy some games in 3D. Later we will release another update which will enable users to play Blu-ray Disc based movies in 3D natively.
Another opportunity is that some competitors have already rolled out 3D models but there 3D performance is decent (according to cnet) so this will give us time to change and test our TVs again for the same flaws if they exist.
As we all now Lebanon welcomes millions of foreign and regional visitors each summer and with our commercials and ads covering the country we can gain customers not only here but from the outside too so this is as they say “2 birds with one stone”.

4- Weakness: Because of its relatively high price compared to the Lebanese market we will at launch address the high income people and tech addicts later in about a year we expect that the prices will decrease drastically to reach the normal 2D LCD TV prices. Another thing is the need to wear 3D glasses to watch 3D content which is a must but in the future we may see new technology to enable it without the need of 3D glasses but on a limited range of view.



P.S: This was achieved with our group consisting of two other colleagues.